Compliance Pathfinder

Insightful guidance and comprehensive coverage made practical for you.

Gain the edge you need to manage compliance risk to your advantage.

Compliance Pathfinder helps you quickly identify your compliance requirements for the jurisdictions in which you do business by bringing together industry-specific guidance with current statutes and regulations.

The solution you need to find your path and comply with confidence.

As a compliance professional, you never know what your day will require. You may plan to spend time preparing a new Compliance Plan for management, but end up researching time-sensitive compliance questions for the product development team, human resources and the CEO, all at the same time. How do you keep ahead of the game and take care of the business’s needs?

Fortunately, there is a solution. Compliance Pathfinder has your compliance research needs covered.


Compliance Pathfinder’s federal and state statutory and regulatory collections are the comprehensive resource you need. Our 50-state statutes and regulations are updated continuously, as are our US Code and CFR collections. The documents come complete with historical and currency notes to ensure you are always looking at the correct version of the relevant law.

Just as helpful and important, Compliance Pathfinder displays the statutes and regulations in a consistent, accurate, and easy-to-read format to ensure you are interpreting the law in context, with a fully interactive table of contents to maximize browsing efficiency.


Having access to a comprehensive collection of statutes and regulations is one thing, but gaining insight into the application of those materials is equally critical. When you reach the point in your research when you just want to see some simple, straightforward answers to the questions you encounter every day, the Compliance Pathfinder collection of Legal Compliance Surveys provides the needed guidance.

To fully appreciate Legal Compliance Survey value, you need to understand the source of the materials. Compliance Pathfinder lawyers have years of experience researching, analyzing and summarizing thousands of statutes and regulations regarding critical areas of compliance for large and small corporations. In fact, we review and summarize over 40,000 statutes and regulations annually to create multistate surveys covering dozens of compliance topics. We know where to look, what to consider, and how to summarize and simplify complex issues.


Having all the knowledge and experience provided by Compliance Pathfinder means very little if you cannot understand and use that information in a short time-frame.  This is where Legal Compliance Surveys stand above all other services in the market.  Our accessible and searchable Surveys provide research analysis in quick-read formats for fast applications. Compliance Pathfinder Surveys will answer your questions completely with citing authority and editorial notes.  Use Legal Compliance Surveys the next time you have to provide a quick answer over the phone to an HR officer or as you create a Compliance Plans for your company.

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