Federal & State Regulations

Federal & State Regulations

Compliance may start with statutes, but it becomes truly intense with regulations. The statutes are what the legislature says the law is. The regulations are what the rule-making agencies, who apply and enforce those laws, say the law is.

It goes without saying that every compliance professional needs ready access to Federal and State regulations. Ready access means that the regulations are available in one place, presented in a format that allows for searching and browsing. Too many state regulation websites are poorly organized and difficult to navigate. In many states, there is no single location for regulations, but the regulations are scattered among state agencies.

Compliance Pathfinder gives you the access to the State and Federal regulations you need. We provide you with complete collections of state regulations and the Code of Federal Regulations that are current and easy to search, navigate, and read. Continuously updated, the Pathfinder administrative regulations collections also include historical notes and links to other sections of the regulations. Compliance Pathfinder is your answer.

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