Legal Compliance Surveys

Legal Compliance Surveys

Compliance is about application of legal & regulatory knowledge. When you are responsible for managing compliance, you have to know the laws and rules that impact your business — everything, everywhere and every time. You also need to keep up with new laws and rules as they are adopted, and how that will affect all that is in place within your business. Keeping up with the information you need is a never-ending chore.

As a trusted resource for hundreds of customers, Legal Research Center Inc. has been researching, analyzing and surveying laws and regulations for nearly four decades. That experience is now available for Compliance Pathfinder subscribers in LegalResearch.com.

Our Legal Compliance Surveys are more than just collections of laws and regulations. Unlike other sources of information you can find online, our unique approach to presenting this information is derived from our expert editorial process in preparing the Surveys. The LegalResearch.com team distills the applicable laws and regulations to address single issues in a straight forward manner for you to comply with confidence.

The Surveys are designed to:

  • Give you concise, direct answers to your immediate questions.
  • Collect the important information in one easily accessible format.
  • Provide you with accurate citations to the statutes or regulations that the answer is based on.
  • Package this information with other relevant topics, so you have your information all in one place.

Let us take on the never-ending chore of identifying the right laws and regulations, analyzing them, and distilling this information into an easy to use resource for your compliance needs. Let our Legal Compliance Surveys be your ‘go to’ source for compliance.

Our Customers Say It Best

“Your work was very thorough. It had all the information I needed.”

Robert Becker

Delta Dental Plan, San Francisco, CA

“A perfect job…very well done, very thorough, well-written, well-researched.”

Betsy Snider

Aetna Life & Casualty, Hartford, CT

“LRC’s multijurisdictional surveys improve our access to critical information and make our decision-making process more efficient. I strongly recommend LRC’s multijurisdictional surveys.”

Kevin Roché

United Health Care Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“LRC’s Insurance Fraud Survey is an excellent product and very helpful to me. I use it frequently.”

Bogda M. B. Clarke

International Fidelity Insurance Company, Newark, New Jersey