Statutes of Limitations Finder

Statutes of Limitations Finder

Most of the time, the work of a compliance professional looks to the future: What will we have to do next to be compliant? There are times, however, when you will need to look backwards. An event or action in the past may have consequences going forward. Deciding how long that past action or event will have consequences involves looking at the statute of limitations. These statutes are often placed in various locations in state statutes, and are difficult to locate.

The Compliance Pathfinder Statutes of Limitations Finder provides summarized issues surrounding the application of the statute of limitations in each state you do business. These issues include trigger events that start the limitations period, statutes of repose that also limit bringing, tolling provisions and tolling doctrines that suspend the running of the limitations period. Simply link to or search the collection to find the correct information in your jurisdiction for any possible claim that could arise.

With Statutes of Limitations Finder, you can always be confident in your assessment of the risk of things past.

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