Litigation Pathfinder

Legal research made practical, powerful and affordable.

Practical legal guidance and comprehensive primary law coverage, all in one, easy to use, research platform.

Litigation Pathfinder offers you a rich collection of practice-tested legal issues and guidance, with comprehensive primary law, to help you quickly identify and apply the most relevant caselaw, statutes and rules you need to win.

All the Primary Law you need, wrapped in a practical and affordable tool.

Have you ever encountered a non-lawyer friend, family member or client that has a misguided impression of your practice? They want to believe that every case you handle is full of intrigue, is complex, and requires volumes of written documents and oral arguments based on hours of legal research. Of course, those cases do come walking in the door. And when they do you hope the client can afford to pay for that volume of work!

But as a small firm lawyer, you know 90% of your cases don’t exactly fit that model. Regardless, in any case you take, your clients’ problems are complex and critically important to them. And they expect you to solve their problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fortunately, Litigation Pathfinder has your legal research needs covered for your all of cases – from the most complex to the not so complex.


Litigation Pathfinder’s primary law collections are as comprehensive as you will ever need. Our case collections include all federal district courts, circuit courts and the US Supreme Court as well as all state appellate courts. The cases are updated daily and include slip opinions, published and unpublished cases. Our 50 state statutes and regulations collections are updated continuously as are our US Code and CFR collections. There may have been a time when lawyers didn’t need to have all the federal and state cases, statutes and regulations, continuously updated and at their fingertips at all hours of the day, 365 days a year. But they do now.

Even the most simple of cases often involve administrative regulations or arise out of statutory provisions. So it’s critical for you to have the most current versions of the statutes and regulations, as well as historical notes to help you define the context of your case. Of course having current cases in your jurisdiction is absolutely vital. But as legislatures and agencies turn to each other more and more for model language, the ability to look outside your jurisdiction for interpretation by neighboring states may just be what you need in those complex, intriguing cases you encounter.

That’s why we can say we have your primary law needs covered.


Having access to a comprehensive collection of primary law is one thing, but getting practical help processing that information into your own case load is equally critical. Do you ever reach that point in your research when you just want to see some simple approaches to a handling an issue or drafting motion? Better yet, did you ever wish that such guidance could come from actual cases like your own rather than hypothetical cases in a treatise or article? Litigation Pathfinder includes Issue Finder to provide just that sort of practical guidance.

To understand the practical focus of this service, you have to understand the type and source of the materials provided. LegalResearch.com has an experienced team of research, analysis and writing lawyers hired predominantly by small firms to help lawyers litigate actual cases. To date, our team has researched and drafted over 20,000 issues, and drafted memoranda in support of motions and appellate briefs ready for filing with the courts. These documents are battle tested issue statements, with supporting authority and analysis, and are perfect for getting over any writers block you may experience.

So use Issue Finder to help write that perfect issue statement, uncover a standard of review for motions, locate the authority for your legal argument, as well as recommended language for your briefs or memoranda.


If you have purchased other online legal research tools, you understand that “cost” has at least two variables to consider. The first is the base price for the coverage you receive. The second is predictability.

Litigation Pathfinder doesn’t play any coverage games when it comes to base price. The model is very simple. Every subscriber gets all cases, statutes, regulations, LRCite, Topical Case Alerts from all Federal and State jurisdictions, and all other features and functionality available in the service for $50.00 a month if paid annually, or $60.00 a month if paid month-to-month. The cost goes down by 50% for all additional subscribers in your firm. That is as simple as we can make it.

The scope of coverage makes predictability simple as well. There are no additional charges because you are never “out of plan.” Period. In fact, by simply being a Litigation Pathfinder subscriber, you are entitled to discounts on LegalResearch.com Litigation Partner services. So regardless of the size or complexity of your clients’ cases, you will always be able to provide exceptional and efficient solutions to solve their problems.

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