Court Opinions

Court Opinions (Federal and State; published and unpublished)

Court opinions are the most critical component of primary law used by lawyers to successfully support their arguments. They are a “must have” for any litigator. That’s why nearly every legal research product in the market has at least some level court opinion coverage. Litigation Pathfinder is the newest product in a long line of online of case law research tools offered by LegalResearch.com and its predecessors that distinguishing itself from all other products on the market.

First, every Litigation Pathfinder subscriber has access to every state appellate court decision and all Federal District, Federal Circuit and US Supreme Court decisions released by the courts. That includes slip opinions and daily updates. There are no extra charges for looking at a case “outside your plan” because you get it all. That includes unpublished opinions where made available by the courts which now represent a significant percentage of all opinions released by courts. The cases are easy to read and supported by standard features like Print and Save as PDF.

Second, the Litigation Pathfinder search screens allows subscribers to select the precise jurisdictions they need to search and offers multiple search capabilities to meet specific needs in any research session. Subscribers can select a standard search option that searches full text, or they can limit their queries to the field searching options offered by all of the higher priced services, for example citation, parties, date ranges, etc. All subscribers also have access to LRCite to help determine the status of cited cases be letting you search for subsequent histories in an easy to use format.  And, subscribers have the ability to save any search and have it readily available for future research sessions.

Finally, Litigation Pathfinder offers all of this case law coverage and functionality at a fair price and easy terms.

Our Customers Say It Best

“Every nickel I save using your service manages in the end to aid the client's case. Great job! Keep it up.”


Norfolk, Virginia

“Your service is absolutely wonderful. You really do a great deal right without a lot of hullabaloo and a lot of advertising. Excellent work. Very helpful to the practitioner. I recently renewed my subscription to your service, and enjoy its ease of navigation; nowhere else I've found offers so much for so little.”


Ely, Nevada

"Bottom line―I use your service almost exclusively because it fits well with my research technique and I am confident in its coverage of the databases it has.”


Seattle, Washington

“I do like the service as it is the fastest way to get the most recent decisions from the US Supreme Court and the Appellate Courts without costing an arm and a leg every time.”


Morristown, New Jersey