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Issue Finder (Federal and State)

Issues are at the core of a litigator’s thought process. Judges and judicial clerks will tell you the same thing you heard in your first year legal writing classes – issue statements matter. So it’s no surprise that nothing can drive you as crazy as trying to get these stage-setting statements just right. And of course, following that perfect issue statement up with the correct primary law authority is the key to a winning motion.

As a trusted resource to thousands of litigators, Legal Research Center Inc. (LegalResearch.com) has been researching, analyzing, and drafting office memoranda, memoranda in support of pleadings and appellate briefs for nearly four decades. That motion and trial drafting experience is now available for Litigation Pathfinder subscribers in LegalResearch.com’s new Issues Finder service.

Unlike other collections of pleadings you can find online, Issue Finder’s unique approach to presenting these materials is found in the editorial process deployed after the documents are created for actual court proceedings. The LegalResearch.com team breaks up each significant document to address single issues in a simple and straight forward manner designed to:

  • Help you go directly to the issues relevant to your case, without having to browse through pages of text in a full pleading format.
  • Suggested battle tested language for creating the perfect issue statement in your case.
  • Provide a solid starting point for citing supporting case law, statutes, rules and other authority. Then use LRCite to ensure the status of cited cases by reviewing subsequent histories.
  • Wrap all of this help up into a great preliminary paragraph to help launch your argument in a concise and accurate context.

Let Issue Finder be the first place you begin your research and give you a jump start on all of your legal document drafting needs.

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