Statutes (Federal and State)

State legislatures passed more than 24,000 new laws in 2014 (State legislatures are very, very busy, Reid Wilson, Washington Post, 9/29/2014). True, Washington has slowed down a bit in the past few years. But there are still 51 volumes of the US Code with hundreds if not thousands of laws contained in each volume, including over 3,000 criminal laws alone (Frequent Reference Question: How Many Federal Laws Are There?, Jeanine Calithey, In Custodia Legis, 3/12/2013).

Bottom line: Statute research is a critical element of most litigation. Obviously, there is literally no criminal litigation that doesn’t require statute knowledge. And now more and more civil litigation has statutory elements to consider as well. With this much activity in legislatures, keeping up with current versions of the laws is becoming more and more challenging.

So you would think that most online legal research tools do a great job of covering state and federal statutes in a timely, easy to read and understand fashion. If you thought that, you would be wrong! The fact is, even most official state websites do a poor job of providing access to searchable, navigable and readable version of their laws. The reason is simple. It is very difficult to do.

But Litigation Pathfinder is different. Each state code is easy to search and even easier to browse to help always find related statutes and create the best, most current context for your legal arguments. Continuously updated, the Pathfinder statute collections also include historical notes and links to other sections of the Code. And perhaps most remarkable of all, the statutes are displayed an in easy to read and understand format.

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